The Ceremony

Sposami a Verona offers the spouses the possibility to bind their “I do” to the most famous love story in the world: the one of Romeo and Juliet, set in early 12th century in the city of Verona. The genius of Shakespeare has managed to give the love story of the lovers of Verona the eternity of a myth. Verona also offers the privilege of living the most important day in the life of a couple in the places that testify to the history of the town, from Palazzo Della Ragione to Palazzo Barbieri.

If lovers do not care for the ceremony, there is the possibility for them to ask for the exclusive use of the balcony for 10 minutes for their love declaration, proposal of marriage or gift of the ring.

The Promise of Love is a symbolic ceremony for lovers that intend to take the engagement to arrive one day at getting married. With this ceremony they will celebrate their bond by a symbolic agreement, declaring their feelings in the town of love.

The renewal of “vows”
to seal a love agreement
that, while not having a juridical value,
reaffirms and sanctions the bond between the spouses.

The Blessing is a ceremony of Anglo-Saxon tradition. With this rite the spouses confirm their promise of love accompanied by the blessing by a religious or moral authority acknowledged by the couple. In this way the spouses celebrate their bond for life according to their religious and cultural beliefs.

The Location