Civil Wedding

Sposami a Verona offers the spouses the possibility to bind their “I do” to the most famous love story in the world: the one of Romeo and Juliet, set in early 12th century in the city of Verona. The genius of Shakespeare has managed to give the love story of the lovers of Verona the eternity of a myth. Verona also offers the privilege of living the most important day in the life of a couple in the places that testify to the history of the town, from Palazzo Della Ragione to Palazzo Barbieri.

The Civil Wedding

Marriage is the union of two people having an intent of reciprocal support, as well as the care and education of the children.
On an emotional level, it represents the consummation of a vow of love. On the legal level, marriage represents an agreement that the law recognizes as a contract, binding for the contracting parties and society as a whole.
The wedding is defined as civil when it is held before the Registrar, and is subject to the rules expressly mentioned in the Italian Civil Code and specific laws, and has no religious ramifications.

According to the law, marriage is a legal act designed to create a stable, definite and lasting bond between two people of the opposite sex who want to share the same life plan.

Marriage is protected indirectly by the constitution and expressly by the Italian Civil Code (Art. 82 as amended).
With the wedding ceremony, a legitimate family is created and the couple acquires the status of spouses.

Marriage can exist only if these specific prerequisites are met: the bride and groom are of opposite sex, there is the free and reciprocal display of a desire to be married and the exchange of consent to be married occurs in the presence of the Registrar.

A wedding can only be held if both parties have reached legal age (18 years). With express authorization, the wedding can be held even if the person is only sixteen years of age, following confirmation and evaluation by a competent court (emancipated minor).
The matrimonial bond entails a variety of relationships concerning assets and rights and obligations between the spouses and between parents and their children (Art. 143 and successive of the Italian Civil Code).

30 minutes


There is the possibility of a ceremony made shorter by 30 minutes at the Museo degli Affreschi (the Museum of frescoes – Sala Galtarossa). The ceremony will obviously take place taking into account the time that is available and that at the expiry of the 30th minute the room must be made available to the following couple.

60 minutes


With “Marry me in Verona” it is possible to get an unforgettable wedding ceremony that lasts 60 minutes. This ceremony can be celebrated in all the rooms in the days and hours of your choice, according to the availability of the rooms themselves.
The ceremony can be personalized in accordance with the offices: the time available at your disposal will allow you to provide for interventions of good wishes by the celebrant and by guests, as well as to read texts and poetry. It is also possible to include a musician playing live during the ceremony and a photographic service (the musician and the photographic service are not included in the price of the ceremony).