Other Locations

il Porcellino

A farm on “Torricelle”, the hills of Verona, with an olive grove of 250 olive trees, visible from the farm’s garden, where, during the summer season, is possible to use the spacious garden and the wonderful porch.
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Cantina Capurso

Sit in the historical court “Moranda, Cantina Capurso arranges indoor and outdoor spaces. At the ground floor an open space room is accessible without architectural barriers.
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Ca' Toresele Relais Osteria Garden

A building on Verona’s hills that offers a peaceful ambience, quiet in the indoor rooms all over the year. In the summer season, guests can use a big garden, a botanic garden, an olive grove and a vegetable garden.
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In the heart of Verona, between the Arena and Castelvecchio, an aristocratic mansion of the 18th century elegantly furnished, with a rare internal garden.
The palace takes its name from the noble family Verità Poeta, since always present in Verona to the extent that a Renaissance legend ties the origin of the town itself and of its name to the arrival of the Verità coming from Etruria.

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Fra' Lorenzo

Within a few minutes walking distance from the historical centre of Verona, immersed in the silence of a garden of ancient olive trees, Fra’ Lorenzo is the ideal place to celebrate an unforgettable wedding in the peace and tranquility of an uncontaminated environment. The story goes that Fra’ Lorenzo, a friend and confidant of the lovers Romeo and Juliet, was a Franciscan friar and famous herbalist who picked his medicinal herbs on the green hills of Verona (Torricelle). The friar used to pause to meditate among these secular olive trees with his eyes turned towards the charming view of the town.

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Tenuta Delo

Delo… the charm and elegance of a refined country home, in which luxury and sophistication are tempered by the simplicity and tranquillising beauty of the magnificent natural setting. Only 5 mls from the centre of Verona, the estate is situated at the edge of gentle uplands, immersed in a large private garden with vineyards, olive groves and bushes, in one of the most beautiful hilly area of Verona. Tenuta Delo provides a deep emotional experience in an authentic and intimate contact with nature, and breathing the rural cultural heritage of the ancient Veneti, which is the root of our slow-life … the millenial history of this Celtic and Roman sacred area, which owes its actual name to the God Apollo Delio.

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Villa Arrighi

At Mizzole, which in ancient times was part of the agricultural settlement of the Benedictine nuns of the convent of San Michele di Campagna, you can find Villa Arrighi.
The first architectural structure of the villa most probably dates back to the 15th century, but its elegant and imposing appearance was given to it towards the end of 1600.

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Villa Brasavola
de Massa

In the heart of Verona, overlooking Cittadella Square, there is Villa Brasavola de Massa, refined neoclassical villa build at the end of the 18th century.
The Villa, part of one of the largest private properties in the historical center, is surrounded by an extended late-Reinassance garden, composed by hedges of evergreen plant, flowerbeds and luxuriant plants.
The mixture of green and architectural elements in the park, the graceful but modern inner room saved for ceremony, the Green Hall and the outside garage lot with 700 parking car, make Villa Brasavola de Massa the perfect frame for an amazing wedding.

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Villa Buri

Venetian Villa of the VIII century sit in Bosco Buri, a place close to the borough of San Michele Extra in Verona. It’s a monumental complex formed by the manor house, the chapel, the stables, the farmer’s house and the barchessa (outhouse), surrounded by 300 hectars of countryside and by an English garden with exotic trees. This garden extends, from Adige’s riverside, for about 25 hectars.
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Villa Ca' Vendri

The sixteenth century Cà Vendri is a typical Venetian villa, immersed in a silent secular 7 hectare park with a magnificent path lined with cypresses, statues, fountains and a nymphaeum colonnade. The villa is situated at 6 kilometers from the centre of Verona, in   Contrada Vendri (the Vendri quarter), a name that seems to have derived from Venus, as, in Roman times, it is said that there was a Temple there devoted to this goddess. For centuries this Villa and its park have been the ideal place for festivals, meetings and weddings. For weddings and meetings Ca’ Vendri offers a unique and high class setting. Ideal to celebrate and share moments of work and pleasure.

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Villa Parco
Corte Pigno

Corte Pigno Park, a green oasis only six kilometers from Piazza Bra, with its great variety of secular trees, blooming shrubs and level lawns will joyfully welcome you to celebrate your recurrences. You will therefore have a precious setting to realize your event, in an unforgettable atmosphere that will be appreciated by nature lovers.

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Villa Polfranceschi

Vitta Polfranceschi, located a few km from Verona’s city centre, is owned by Polfranceschi family. The building maintains his VI century’s layout unchanged, and it’s enhanced by a careful restoration which has been able to recover original materials. A large garden, that welcome guests at the entrance, is the perfect scenography for open air aperitif.
The indoor courtyard and the barchessa are surrounded by elegant atmospheres, and the diversity of rooms and spaces makes Villa Polfranceschi the perfect location for your wedding.
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