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«Pleasant Verona! With its beautiful old palaces, and charming country in the distance, seen from terrace walks, and stately, balustraded galleries. With its Roman gates, still spanning the fair street, and casting, on the sunlight of to-day, the shade of fifteen hundred years ago. With its marble-fitted churches, lofty towers, rich architecture, and quaint old quiet thoroughfares, where shouts of Montagues and Capulets once resounded …»

The myth of Romeo and Juliet

Even though William Shakespeare had already set up the play “Two gentlemen of Verona”, it is for the enchanting and heartbreaking love story of Romeo and Juliet that the city is so well renowned. It is also for this reason that Verona is called “the City of Love”.  Walk and get lost in the narrow streets of Verona to experience the myth of the greatest love story of all the times. Verona is the perfect destination to celebrate your marriage following the path of Romeo and Juliet.

Verona: two thousand years of history, culture and beauty

Verona has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site for its urban system and its architecture. It is a city that has continuously developed for two thousand years and it holds stories, art and beauty from the Roman Period like the Arena and the Roman Theatre, the Medieval times, the Renaissance until Modern times. Verona is a unique  and multilayered city, crossed by many different cultures that has left a visible trace on it. Verona is a clear example of the concept of Chinese boxes: box by box the city is revealed showing marvellous secrets and peculiar elements. In fact Verona is not like the other cities: it is a little bit like Florence, a little bit like Rome and Venice; it has Roman, Medieval, Venetian and Gothic elements…Verona is multicultural!

It is a classic and monumental city but it is also romantic thanks to its several glimpses all around the  streets. 

Verona hosts also huge events that make the city famous all around the world: the Arena Opera Festival, Vinitaly, Carnival, Tocatì – International Festival of Old-Fashioned Games – and Verona in Love. (Text based on: Alessandra Biti, “101 Cose da fare a Verona almeno una volta nella vita”) 

Valentine’s  Day in Verona

During the week of Valentine’s Day, Verona hosts in its historic centre the Festival called Verona in Love: entertainment, cultural encounters and a market dedicated to handcraft and enogastronomic products to celebrate the noble feeling of love

Beyond the city walls

To celebrate your love ceremony in Verona is the right occasion to discover all the magnificence that surrounds the city: lake Garda, Valpolicella, enogastronomic specialties from our territory, Venetian villas in the most evocative and romantic locations, the unexplored Lessinia perfect for those who love nature and open-air activities…Verona and its places nearby, with their multiple sides are the ideal location to make your love dream come true and make it unforgettable.

Verona, city of love, welcome you and will surprise you with its magnificence and its secrets ready to be discovered.